Friday, September 2, 2011

Into the History Swing

Joyce Moreno, the famous Brazilian singer and songwriter will debut her TV Show “No Compasso da Historia” (Into the History Swing) on this coming September 4th at the MultiRio.
It is a very interesting Tv program about songs that tell the Brazilian History. See the delightful video about the program.
More information on the Joyce Moreno’s blog

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Brazilian Jazz (07.


Itacyr Bocato Junior, Bocato (S. Bernardo do Campo, SP, 1960) is a trombonist, composer and arranger with a high quality and creativity. Since his teenager he played in school bands which gave him the passion for this instrument (trombone). That passion led him to study composition and conducting at USP (University of Sao Paulo). His talent opened doors to him play with many important MPB singers as Rita Lee, Ney Matogrosso, Roberto Carlos, Elis Regina and others.
Soon Bocato started his own band , Banda Metalurgica that in 1982 released a wonderful album ("Metallurgical Band"/1982) with extremely dynamic and exciting horn arrangements and mixing swing rhythms of Choro, MPB, samba, fox and traditional jazz..
From the Band Metallurgical he still worked with the Banda do Bloco, in 1987 and then he lifted his first solo career, the album "Dream of an Anarchist" (1987). Since then he has recorded 10 albums and also had participated in many jazz festivals in Montreux, Moscow and Zurich.
Bocato actually plays in shows Tvs, dedicate his free time for new musical projects and you can always see him in shows, mostly, in Sao Paulo.

Bocato is another important Brazilian Jazz musician.

His discography:

  • 1985 Lixo atômico - Bocato e Banda Bloco
  • 1987 Sonho de um anarquista
  • 1988 Conserto para um trombone quebrado
  • 1989 Abruxa-te
  • 1989 Aqui jazz Brazil
  • 1990 Ladrão de trombone
  • 1996 Bem dito
  • 1997 Tributo a Pixinguinha
  • 2000 Samba de zamba
  • 2001 Acid samba
  • 2004 Cacique Cantareira - Elo Music/Boitatá
  • 2008 Hidrogênio

“Esperando Edmundo” (Bocato), Banda Metalurgica (1982)

“Samba Miles” (Bocato), Cacique Cantareira (2004)

“Grazie a Dio” (Bocato), Cacique Cantareira (2004)

“Rir Pra Não Chorar” (Pixinguinha), Tributo a Pixinguinha (1997)

Monday, August 22, 2011

cherished albums (06/74

“Made in Brazil” (1974)

Made in Brazil was a rock band born in the Pompéia, a neighborhood in Sao Paulo during 1967. The band had only one proposition: been a genuine Brazilian rock band. The cult of the rock, one of the most popular music genres on the planet, found in Made in Brazil a strong and resounding echo.
Cornelius Lucifer, the singer brought it blood and passion in his interpretations. Celso Vechchione Kim, the guitar leader, burned with strong energy all the band's songs, Oswaldo Vecchione on the bass and backing vocals held the pace with a great beat, and Junior Rolando Castello in the drums give the complete “mojo".

Sequins, pants bell mouth and long hair. The Made in Brazil was based in heavy rock in Brazil during the dictatorship era in this country and also during the end of the last echoes of the 60s counterculture, and also during the last Tropicalia’s sight..

The Pompeia’kids really wanted to play everything is in the highest possible volume with rock balance.
Theire first album released in 74 they demonstrate virtuosity and creativity. Few Brazilian rock bands, was able to produce the Made in Brazil and having in their front stage a voice so sharp and refined as Cornelius.
Made in Brazil , with they cul Banana Record, detonated the 70s with their premiere.

Made in Brazil (1974)

Oswaldo Vecchione – Contrabaixo e vocal de fundo
Celso “Kim” Vecchione – Guitarra solo, Pedal wha wha e Fuzz, Violão de 12 cordas e Vocal de fundo
Cornélius – Vocalista
Junior – Bateria e percussão
Fenilli – Percussão, efeitos e vocal de fundo
Scavazzini – Teclados, piano e órgão

Special Guests:
Antônio M. de Medeiros “Babalú” - Guitarra base
Daniel Salinas - Piano ( “Doce” e “Você já foi vacinado? “)
Bolão- Solos de Sax e Flauta ( “Uma longa caminhada” )

Ficha Técnica:
Supervisão Geral
Coordenação Geral: Antônio de Lima
Coordenação Artística e Direção de Estúdio: Oswaldo e Celso e Mário Buonfiglio
Arranjos: Oswaldo e Celso (Base) e Daniel Salinas (Metais e Cordas)
Regências: Daniel Salinas
Técnico de som: Edgardo Alberto Rapetti
Gravação e Mixagem: Estúdios da RCA/ SP em 16 canais
Masterização: CIA de Áudio/ SPLeonardo Costa
Arte: Tebaldo

Anjo da Guarda” (Osvaldo Vecchione)

“Aquarela do Brasil “ (Ary Barroso)

“Tudo Bem - Tudo Bom” (Osvaldo Vecchione / Noronha)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheers to Inezita Barroso!

Inezita Barroso this week celebrates 60 years of her musical career.

She is an extraordinary woman of Brazilian music, born as Ines Magdalena Lima on March 1925 in São Paulo. Today, at 86 years old years, she has one of the most enduring television shows of Brazilian TV, the musical show Guitar, My Guitar (Viola, Minha Viola) at TV Culture since 1980. Beyond this point in his career, Inezita Barroso is one of the most expressive singers of Brazilian country music. Her career was started on the 50s after studying guitar and viola at a conservatory and even getting a degree in Library Science at USP.
Her first recording it was in 1951 when she recorded Ronda (Paul Vanzolini) and Moda da Pinga (Ochelsi Laureano Torres and Raul). Since then until today, she has 80 albums recorded tirelessly since the age of 78 rpm to CDs.
The importance of this singer is in here role having established, throughout her career, an immeasurable value of a great set of songs that she sang and turned the core of the Brazilian country music. Conveying it through her albums and her weekly TV show.
Congratulations to this wonderful artist.

Luar do Sertão (Catulo da Paixão Cearense / João Pernambuco)

De Papo Pro Ar (Joubert de Carvalho e Olegário Mariano)

Maringá (Joubert de Carvalho)